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What to Wear Wednesday...with Caroline Madsen

It's WTWW and this week we have Caroline Madsen Photography joining to discuss a simple yet very important concept: the classic dress. Will the wardrobe affect the timelessness of the photos? "The last thing I want my senior girl clients to do when they look back on their senior session 20 years from now is to say to themselves, “What was I thinking?!” Pe[...]

What to Wear Wednesday...with Mary Moua

It's WTWW and this week we have Mary Moua Photography joining us! "I absolutely love when girls bring their prom dresses to their senior session!  What better excuse to get back into your dress?  After all, so much time is spent finding the PERFECT dress, why not get some professional pictures in it! As a photographer, my favorite thing about shooting wi[...]

What to Wear Wednesday...with Amie Reinholz

It's WTWW and this week we have Amie Reinholz Photography joining us to share all about jewelry! "When it comes to your senior portraits everyone seems to always forget about the accessories, mainly jewelry.   It’s a great way to add a little sparkle and flair to your outfit.  My biggest rule when it comes to jewelry is to keep it simple!  Here in Texas e[...]


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